Paper Machine Calender

Application& Features

Calender is paper or paperboard grooming equipment. The Calender is composed of a certan number of roller, vertically overlapped on the frame, and the bottom roller drives. It is a component of paper machine and installed between the dryer section and the rewinder.

The function of the calender paper making machine is to improve the smoothness, glossiness, tightness and uniformity of thickness of the paper, and provide good conditions for the subsequent processing operation. The dry paper is rolled and sent to the roll paper. Commonly, medium and low speed paper machine has 3~6 rollers, high speed paper machine has 8~10 rollers. Thin paper, single sided paper, absorbent paper don’t need calendering, for example, the corrugating base paper.

Working Principle

Calender rolls the paper sheet by rotating rollers. Whether the calendering quality achieve the grooming effect, not only have something to do with slurry ratio, beating degree and sheet moisture etc but also with performance and operating parameters such as roller calender structure, surface properties and thermal and the temperature and speed etc..

Main Specification

Brand Name Leizhan
Model Number paper machine calender
Voltage 380V
capacity(t/d) 70-700
Material stainless steel
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