Features of Felt for Papermaking

Felts are indispensable in the papermaking process. The felt cloth undergoes strict quality control to ensure the quality of the paper. Due to their dewatering capacity the wet paper is easily transferred to the forming section without defecting the web.

Features of felt for papermaking:

1. High strength: The felt used in papermaking needs to have high strength to withstand the pressure and tension from the pulp.
2. Corrosion resistance: In the papermaking process, the felt needs to be soaked in chemicals frequently, so it needs to have good corrosion resistance.
3. Good filtering effect: the felt needs to have a good filtering effect to remove impurities and sediments in the pulp.
4. Abrasion resistance: Since the felt needs to be in constant contact with pulp, it needs to have good abrasion resistance to ensure a long service life.
5. Easy to clean: Felt needs to be cleaned frequently to remove pulp residue and chemicals, so it needs to be easy to clean.

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