Waste Carton Paper Recycling Line Machine

For waste carton paper recycling, clients adopted our waste carton paper recycling line machine for their paper production line. Our company provides paper recycling machine and paper making machine for paper mills.

Waste Carton Paper Recycling Process
recycled paper–Chain Conveyor–Hydrapulper–High Density Cleaner–Pressure Screen–Low Density Cleaner–Reject Separator–Double Disc Refiner–Inflow Pressure Screen

Waste Carton Paper Recycling Machinery Technical Parameter 
Raw material: waste carton paper
Finished product: paper pulp
Production capacity: 50-500 t/d
Price: email us

If you are interested in our waste carton paper recycling line machine,  please free to email us for more information.

Our email: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com



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