PX Series Eccentric Pulper

PX Series Eccentric Pulper is used to pulp all kinds of waste paper, virgin pulp board and paper machine broken paper.

PX-V Eccentric Pulper Technical Parameters
PX-V Eccentric Pulper
Nominal volume (m³): 15-107
Treatment consistency (%): 4-8
Capacity(t/d): 60-1000
Motor power(kw): 110-8000

PX-R Eccentric Pulper
Nominal volume (m³):20-175
Treatment consistency (%):4-8
Capacity(t/d): 140-1500
Motor power(kw): 160-1300

If you are interested in our eccentric pulper, please free to email us. Our email:paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com   

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