LOCC Paper Making Line Equipment

LOCC is a common raw material for making paper in the abolition recycling process. We supply machines for the LOCC paper line of corrugated board projects according to customer needs.

LOCC Paper Line Machine Details
1. Raw material: LOCC

2. Paper project: 150t / d corrugated board production line

3. Paper making line
Chain conveyor – D type hydrapulper – High density cleaner – Inclined screen – 1St stage Mid consistency coarse screen – Fiber separator – Reject separator – Middle density cleaner – Lip screen – Long fiber fist stage pulp pump for cleaner – Long fiber second stage low density cleaner – Long fiber 3rd stage low density cleaner – 1st stage fine screen – 2nd stage fine screen – Inclined screen – Double disc refiner – Inclined screen – Underlayer pressure screen before paper machine

4. Note: We also provide high quality corrugated board machines.

Contact us by email or message for total cost and other details of the machine on the LOCC paper line for the corrugated project. Email: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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