Four Petal Pneumatic Grapple

Zhengzhou Leizhan Paper Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of four-petal pneumatic grapple.

In the paper industry, it is mainly used in the pulping process to process waste paper and capture waste paper. It can be used with sediment wells, pulpers and other equipment to continuously disintegrate pulp.

grapple features

Grapple volume: 0.05m³ 0.1 m³ 0.2m³
Maximum opening: 1030mm 1155mm 1600mm

1. Mainly used for grappling heavy and large impurities from sediment well.
2. Four “petal” is air pressure type operation.
3. Easy to operate and maintain.

If you are interested in grapple or paper and pulp equipment, welcome to contact us and come to visit the factory.

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