How To Improve Evenness Of Paper?

How To Improve Evenness Of Paper

The adjustment and control of poor evenness should be started from the following aspects:

  • Control of beating and batching. In general, from the condition of fiber flocculation, the longer the fiber length is, the greater the possibility of flocculation. So in the process of beating, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements of the process. Otherwise, the fiber can not be fully solved, and the flocculation phenomenon will be produced when forming. When the beating is too high, the speed of the dehydration at the wire is too slow and the time of the setting of the paper tire is too long and the fiber will be flocculated again.
  • The concentration of the headbox is too high. The lower the concentration of the slurry, the less the possibility of collision and flocculation between the fibers. Therefore, under the condition of permissible dehydration capacity of the wire part, we should reduce the concentration of wire as far as possible, avoid the phenomenon of too fast typing, and make the fiber have enough time to rearrange the combination after accessing the Internet.
  • The rational use of the molding board can control and adjust the dehydration rate and molding time of the pulp after the wire. The positioning of the molding board should be determined according to the status of the different paper machine varieties and the size of the paste after the wire.
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