Screening Efficiency In Papermaking Process

Screening Efficiency In Papermaking Process

In the papermaking process, screening is an important part, usually associated with purification. Do you know the factors influencing the pulp screening efficiency?

Rotation Rate

The speed of centrifugal screen mill is an important factor. Low speed insufficient centrifugal force, so the low yield, plate jam, fiber loss increases;high speed,high centrifugal force, so large output, but the pulp slag fiber, the screening efficiency is reduced; When the speed is right and the centrifugal force is right, it is just greater than the gravity. The slurry forms a circulation in the sieve drum, and the separation function is good. For pulp with poor water filtration, the rotation speed should be higher.

Screen Hole Distance And Opening Rate

The average length of the pulp fiber is larger, the choice of pore size is larger, the hole distance generally requires a little larger than the average length of the fiber, otherwise it is easy to paste the plate, and the opening rate is generally at 15~25%.

Inlet Concentration

The slurry concentration is large and the production capacity is increased, but the loss of good fiber is high. At this time, the water spray amount is increased to improve the screening efficiency.

Dilution Water

Because of the pulp concentration is lower than the inlet pulp concentration in the screening process. With good fiber take away a lot of water, the concentration of coarse slag increasing, in order to reduce the loss of fiber pulp, there must be enough water dilution, otherwise easy to paste, but too much water spray, the pulp concentration will be too low, it should be in good control.

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