How To Solve Dehydration Of Paper Machine?

Maintain Even Slurry Temperature

  • Temperature increases, the dehydration ability increases;
  • The high temperature of the slurry will also affect the other characteristics.

Inspect The System Has Surface Active Agent And Foam Or Not

  • Surfactant can improve the ability of dehydration, but excess will generate lots of bubbles.
  • Air in the slurry will reduce the rate of dehydration;
  • Regulate the use level of surfactant or defoamer.

The Features Of Slurry May Change

  • The slurry with high free degree is fast dehydrated;
  • To optimize the beating degree in the range of permission to maximize the dehydration rate.

Change Of The Content Of Fine Fiber

  • Tiny fiber content hinders dehydration;
  • Good tiny fiber retention is critical for the same operation and effective material application (chemical additives).
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