Paper Machine Drying Section

Paper Machine Drying Section

Paper Machine Drying Technology

  • The main function of the paper machine drying device is to get rid of the excess moisture. Because the wet paper industry usually contains moisture of 60%-70% after squeezing, and the moisture is not easy to be removed by mechanical squeezing. It must be further dehydrated by hot drying.
  • Paper Drying also has an auxiliary effect: improve the quality of paper. During the paper drying system, when moisture is added to wet paper, the fiber will gradually move closer to the surface under the action of surface tension. Paper shrinkage will increase the physical strength of paper, and make the paper industry have a certain smoothness and finish the sizing process through drying.

Possible Problem Of Paper Drying

If the drying process conditions are not properly controlled, the paper quality will be reduced. As the drying temperature is too high or rising too fast, because paper in the rapid evaporation of water obstructing sheet surface of the cornea, thereby reducing the sizing effect and the physical strength of paper sheet, crack and brittle paper disease.

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