How Paper Machine Run at High Speed?

How Paper Machine Run at High Speed?

There are some factors to matter to make sure the paper machine run at high speed.


Not only the cleanness of workshop environment, but more importantly, the slurry system (especially the paper machine sizing system). There are not allowed to have dirties in auxiliary system equipment, pipeline inwall, press roll and felt.


The ratio of slurry, beating quality and pulp consistency should be stable. Only stable slurry can keep the technological parameters of paper machine stable, and the paper machine can run stably.


  • The pulp is evenly distributed (the flow of the headbox to the net must be uniform in the transverse direction of the machine)
  • Mesh drying uniform, quantitative uniformity
  • Quantitative uniformity (dry, quantitative, transverse, uniform)


Slurry degassing equipment. The slurry containing large amounts of air is not easy to dehydrate. The pulp is unstable, the speed of the vehicle is restricted, and the quality of the paper is also greatly affected. Slurry degassing is required.


The headbox controls fiber orientation which contributes to high speed operation.
In short, there are many other factors to consider in order to make the paper machine work at a high speed.

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