Structure of Low Density Cleaner

Structure of Low Density Cleaner

Slurry Design

Because the perfect slurry design, the size of the head of the screw type gets the acceleration into the slag removal device. The fiber suspension is pushed down and does not produce turbulence or mixed flow. The extended slag remover converts the kinetic energy of the good slurry into pressure, so only a lower inlet and good slurry pressure is required.

Cone of Low Density Cleaner

The spiral cone is welded into a spiral shape by an external rotating strip. The pitch of the spiral and the thickness of the strip can be made by satisfying different use conditions. Because the pitch of the centrifugal force and the inner wall of the spiral cone is always vertical, the cone moves the slurry down and does not produce any reaction force.

Lower Cone

The lower cone is a new design. The centrifugal force moves the heavy impurities to the inner wall of the cone, and the top of the pitch is like the fishhook of the fisherman, and the impurities are fixed to the edge of the top of the pitch. The force produced by the direction of the pitch downward rotating will exclude the impurity from the reaction force. In response to the suction of turbulence, mixed flow and vortex center, it does not pollute good pulp.

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