Requirements For Design Of Drying Section

Requirements For Design Of Drying Sction

  • The evaporation of moisture in the paper, and to use the least amount of drying equipment. The equipment in the drying section is huge and expensive, so the drying part design should pay attention to increase the evaporation rate, and at the same time, we should increase evaporation rate and not destroy the paper structure.
  • The evaporation of sheet moisture to ensure the quality of paper, especially the transverse uniformity. The second is the surface properties, wrinkles, curls and tensile properties of the paper.
  • Design of drying part and the auxiliary equipment, must be able to reduce energy consumption.
  • The total efficiency of design department must make dry paper machine is high, this mainly refers to the reduction of drying part of paper web broken, because the drying section of paper machine were accounted for the bulk of.
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