Measures To Solve Dehydration Of Papermaking Machine

Measures To Solve Dehydration Of Papermaking Machine

Maintain Uniform Slurry Temperature

  • The temperature increases the dehydration ability;
  • the high temperature of the slurry will also affect other characteristics.

Check If There Is A Surface Active Agent Or Foam

  • the surface active agent can improve the dehydration capacity, but the excess will produce a large amount of foam.
  • the dehydration rate of the slurry in the slurry will be reduced.
  • adjust the dosage of surfactants or defoamer.

Feature of Slurry May Change

  • The slurry with high free degree is fast dehydrated.
  • Optimize the beating degree to maximize the dehydration rate in the scope of the license.

Change Of The Content Of Fine Fiber

  • High content of fine fibers hinders dehydration.
  • Good fine fibers remain essential for the same operation and effective material applications (chemical additives).

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