Influence Of Calender Paper Machine

Influence Of Calender Paper Machine

Influence On Thickness And Permeability

After pressing, the tightness of the paper increases, and the thickness decreases and tends to be homogenized. Therefore, the printability is increased, and the air permeability of the paper decreases. The increase of line pressure is more than that of increasing the number of paper.

Effect On Smoothness

The higher the number of press areas, the higher the line pressure and the higher the temperature of the roller, the higher the smoothness of the paper and the lower the difference between the two sides.

Influence of Glossiness

Calendering is helpful to improve the line pressure, increase the content of packing, increase the light moisture content of the paper and improve the surface temperature of the roller, which is helpful to improve the gloss. However, the whiteness measured by the reflection method is reduced because of the increase of transparency.

Influence on Strength

  • tensile strength: the roller heating, can reduce the strength of paper, reduce the residual pressure, can further improve the strength of paper.
  • tearing degree: reduced after pressure of light.
  • elongation: after the press, the longitudinal elongation decreases slightly.
  • breaking degree: after the press, the breaking degree is reduced.

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