How To Improve Paper Uniformity

Paper Uniformity Defects

1. The headbox concentration may be too high, causing flocculation.
2. The degree of freedom of the slurry may be too high (perhaps due to high temperatures) or because the slurry is in a high open state.
3. The water impact is too intense, causing the usual cloud flowers.
• The slurry may be too long.
4. The headbox level controller may not work properly.
5. When the speed is reduced, the headbox is flocculated and it is necessary to remove the spray water.
• There may be almost no water in the spray water.
6. The headbox or weir plate may not be adjusted (this is usually not observed on paper).
• Observe the forming fabric to see if the water is too aggressive.
7. If the paper has a high or low waveform, the case roller may be unbalanced.
8. If water is rubbed against the support roller, it will cause streaks.
• Adjust the fairing, if any, otherwise separate the support rollers.
9. The broke may not be fibrillated.
• This can usually be seen by the unopened paper points on the paper surface.

How To Improve Paper Uniformity

Headbox can effectively disperse fiber, prevent fiber precipitation and re-flocculation, and can effectively improve paper uniformity.
Keep the spray stable and ensure that the pulp speed is coordinated with the net speed.
Evenly lateral distribution paper stock along the paper machine.

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