Reasons For Dry Breakage Of Paper Machine

Reasons For Dry Breakage Of Paper Machine

The dry degree of wet paper entering into the dryer section has reached more than 32%, and has a certain strength. But there will be a broken in the dry part. The reasons for the breakage can be found in the following main aspects:

Paper Itself Is Not Strong Enough

For example, the water of paper is too big and the knot of dry felt is not regular, it is easy to press out the head print on the paper, and cause the weak point to make the paper page break.

Breakage Caused By Overtension Of The Paper Page

The reasons why the paper tension is too large are as follows:

  • Firstly, the transmission ratio between each dryer is too large. It often produces breakage at the end of the dry season, or there are some problems with the transmission parts, such as belt skidding, irregular gear and so on, so that the tension will fluctuate, and it will also cause breakage. So pay attention to adjusting the tension between the cylinders.
  • Secondly, the drying cylinder temperature is too high. In the early stage of drying, the broken ends caused by the above mentioned visbreaking cylinders will happen. During drying, the drying of the paper will cause the page to shrink sharply and break. Sometimes even the end of the longer time, because the long time does not heat the paper to make the temperature of dryer cylinder increase. Therefore, the drying section should always pay attention to the temperature and pressure of dryer.


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