Influence Of Wet Section Chemistry On Paper Machine’s Operability

Wet section chemistry has positive and negative effects on the machine’s operability. On the one hand, wet section chemistry can be used to enhance drainage, reduce air ingress and eliminate foam, keep the paper machine clean, and keep the low solids content in white water. On the other hand, if these factors are out of control, the same wet section chemistry phenomenon will cause the paper machine to malfunction, the paper sheets will produce spots and bubbles, and the water filtration will be reduced, so that the paper machine will not be cleaned, thereby reducing production efficiency.

Its main performance is as follows:

1) Water filtration of the slurry

Water filtration is an important property in the operation of paper machines. The degree of water filtration will be affected by the flocculation between the fibers and the fibers. If the formed flocs are large and porous, the pulp will become viscous and hinder the passage of water, thereby reducing the water repellency.

2) Precipitation and scaling

Precipitation and scaling often occur when the wet section is out of control, excessive use of common chemical additives, charge imbalance, chemical incompatibility, and chemical equilibrium instability, all of which can cause precipitation and knotting in the paper machine. There are many ways to clean up sediment and dirt, but the best way is to find out the reason and take correction.

3) Formation of foam

Wood fibers contain substances that stabilize air into the pulp (some chemical additives have the same effect), which reduces the water filtration of the slurry, producing stickies and foam. If it does, the best way is to find the root cause and eliminate it. If it is not possible, it can be eliminated by mechanical and chemical methods. At this time, the wettlement chemistry is less effective.

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