Corrosion Of Paper Pulp Pump

Electrochemical Corrosion

Measures to prevent electrochemical corrosion are as follows: First, the best runner of pump adopts the same metal material; Second, the sacrificial anode is used to protect the cathode metal. For example, the small quick-wear parts are made of low potential metal, used as anode, and the important parts of large parts are made of high potential metal. As cathode, the anode metal will corrode first and protect the cathode metal.

Uniform Corrosion

Uniform corrosion refers to the corrosion of a corrosive liquid on the metal surface, which results in uniform chemical corrosion on the entire metal surface. This is the most common type of corrosion pattern and also the least harmful form of corrosion.

Measures to prevent uniform corrosion: proper material (including non-metallic), sufficient corrosion allowance in the design of pump.

Wear Corrosion

A erosion of a metal surface by a high velocity fluid. Erosion by fluid erosion; corrosion is different from that caused by solid particles in the medium. Different materials have different corrosion resistance.

Certainly, there are also many reasons for the corrosion of paper pulp pump, if you want to know more, you can contact us at any time.

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