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High Efficiency D Type Hydrapulper For Pulping Line

Hydrapulper system used for breaking recycled cartons and other waste paper as well as removing impurities. D type hydrapulper is
made up of “D” type tub, rotor device, outrigger, drive mechanism and motor and other major parts. D type Hydrapulper used for pulping all kinds of pulp board, damaged paper and waste paper.

Bale Breaker In OCC Production Line

Bale Breaker, which belongs to Pulping Equipment, mainly used for breaking and selecting waste paper bales from Chain Conveyor in OCC Production Line. Bale Breaker consists of barrel, roller, support rack, outer shield and power transmission system and other consists of bale breaking screening slag remover.

5TPD Tissue Paper Machine For Paper Mill

As you know, toilet paper producton line will be a low cost but high return business. For purchase the suitable
toilet/tissue paper machine, We must do a bussiness planning for making the decision. Our tissue paper making machine mainly used for producing tissue/toilet paper. Toilet/tissue paper machine can be customized according to your productuion capacity.

Drum Pulper In Waste Paper Recycling

Drum Pulper mainly used for continuous gentle pulping and coarse screening of waste paper under high consistency
in waste paper recycling. Drum Pulper can continuous pulp and preliminary screen, simplify process. Apart from, Leizhan can provide various kinds of paper making machine.

2400mm Coating Board Paper Machine For Paper Plant

Leizhan, which is a leader in Chinese paper machinery industry. Leizhan’s Coating Board Paper Machine uses the material of waste paper to produce coating board paper. Besides Coating Board Paper Machine, leizhan also can provide kraft paper, corrguated paper, tissu paper machine.

Middle Consistency Hydrapulper In Tissue Paper Production Line

Middle Consistency Hydrapulper is an efficient paper pulping equipment in tissue paper pulping line. Middle Consistency
Hydrapulper mainly used for puling wood pulp or other clean raw material in tissue paper making line. The pulp consistency can reach 5%-8%.

New Design ZG Drum Pulper for Waste Paper Recycling

In the process of rapid economic development, the control of environmental pollution is particularly important. The recycling
of waste paper plays a great role in protecting the environment and save investment costs. Advanced pulping equipment can not only save investment costs for customers, but also improve production efficiency, increase output, and increase customer operating profits.

45TPD Kraft Paper Machine For Paper Mill

Kraft paper is a tough and water-resistant packaging paper with a wide range of uses. The kraft paper produced by our kraft
paper machine has a high tensile force, is flexible and strong, has a high resistance to breakage, and can withstand large tensile forces and pressure without breaking.

Advanced Pressure Screen Equipment For Tissue Paper

In the production of toilet paper, the pressure screen plays an important role. It is related to the quality and smoothness of the finished tissue paper. Therefore our company has developed advanced pressure sieve equipment for customers with international advanced technology, so as to strive for maximum production profits for customers.

Paper Pulp Impurities Removing Equipment High Density Cleaner

Paper pulp cleaner is an important part of the pulping process. The cleanliness of pulping is related to the quality of the finished paper and the sales volume of the finished paper. Advanced slag removal equipment has higher slag removal capacity, which can improve the production efficiency of the pulp production line.


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