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1880mm Kraft Paper Making Machine

Kraft Paper making machine mainly used for producing high grade kraft/testliner paper. Kraft paper machine has advantages of large production capacity,low power consumption,etc.

Cyclinder Mould Type Tube Paper Machine

Cylinder Mould Type Tube Paper Machine mainly used for producing high grade yarn tube paper. In addition to Cyclinder Mould Type Tube Paper Machine, we also can offer other kinds of paper making machine,like tissue paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper machine.

High Grade Carbonless Paper Machine

Carbonless Paper Machine mainly used for producing high grade carbonless paper, A4 paper, writing and printing paper. In addition to Carbonless Paper Machine, Leizhan also provides other kinds of paper making machine, such as tissue paper machine, kraft paper machine, corrugated paper machine, etc,

Press Felt In Paper Making Line

Press felt mainly used to dewater wet paper and remove some small impurities in the papermaking process. Press Felt has the properties of firmness, good elasticity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

Light Impurity Separator For Pulp Screen Line

Light Impurity Separator is a new-type, advanced coarse screening equipment. Mainly used to manage the light impurity and rejects from coarse screening stage in the waste paper pulp making line.

High Grade Cultural Paper Machine

High Grade Cultural Paper Machine mainly applied to produce high quality A4 paper, printing and wiriting paper. Apart from High Grade Cultural Paper Machine, Leizhan also can offer tissue/toilet paper, kraft/testliner paper, corrugated/fluting paper,etc.

High-speed Stock Washer For Waste Recycled Pulp

High-speed Stock Washer mailnly used for washing and concerntrating in various domestic and overseas waste recycled pulp, chemical pulp before or after bleaching. Removing ink particles, filler and other small impurities from the slurry with high efficient.

500TPD Corrugated Paper Machine

Corrugated/Fluting paper machine mainly used for producing high grade corrugated/fluting paper. In addition to Corrugated/Fluting paper machine, we also supply tissue paper machine, cultural paper machine, kraft paper machine,etc.

High Efficiency Flotation Deinking Machine

Flotation Deinking machine is suitable for flotation deinking of various waste paper at home and abroad. While removing ink, some light adhesives and light plastics can be significantly removed.

Pulp Pump In Stock Preparation Line

Pulp Pump mainly used for transporting liquid or solid material in paper making, coal, mine, electric power food, urban sewage industry,etc. Which guaranteed that rotary vacuum pump can start normally in the low temperature of winter. It is applicable to vacuum packaging, vacuum free.


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