1300TPD Full Set of Waste Paper Treatment Pulp Line

The first domestically produced 1300TPD full-set waste paper processing pulp line provided by Leizhan for Dongmiao successfully ran smoothly.
Zhengzhou Dongmiao Paper Co., Ltd. is a packaging paper enterprise specializing in the production of high-strength corrugated paper. The existing pulp line will centrally supply pulp to three paper machines.

1300TPD full set of waste paper treatment pulp line

The whole pulp line adopts:
Bulk drum crushing system,
Energy-saving coarse screening system,
Medium and low density impurity removal and purification system,
New middle consistency pressure screening system,
Pulp thickening system

The above equipment, including accessories, are all provided by Leizhan Machinery.
If you are interested in pulp production equipment, please feel free to contact us.
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