M.C. Pressure Screen ​Working Principle

 Pressure Screen Working Principle

Working Principle of Medium Consistency Pressure Screen

During the operation of the screening equipment, the slurry enters the separation chamber on the upper part of the pressure screen along the tangential direction of the slurry pipe. The heavier impurities are separated under the action of centrifugal force, settling in the heavy slag tank and discharged by the heavy slag outlet. The slurry enters the screening area between the sieve drum and the rotary cylinder, the qualified fiber passes through the sieve drum and is discharged from the accepted output; the unqualified fiber continues to move downward and is discharged from the slag discharge pipe at the bottom of the cylinder body.

There is a dilution pipe opposite the slag outlet to adjust the concentration of the slurry. There are many convex blades on the surface of the revolving drum which rotates at the inside of the sieve drum in the pressure screen. When rotating, each blade produces negative pressure, so as to play the role of purifying the sieve drum, not to block the sieve drum.

Pressure of The Screening Equipment

The inlet pressure is generally between 0.1MPa and 0.4MPa, and the pressure difference between inlet and outlet is generally between 0.01MPa and 0.03MPa. The above data are related to the variety, quality, concentration, slurry flow rate and opening ratio of the sieve drum.


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