450TPD Corrugated Base Paper Production Line

450TPD Corrugated Base Paper Production Line

450T/D Corrugated Paper Making Project

Jiangxi Yudu Zhengyi Paper Mill manufactures corrugated paper. And the output of the new up corrugated base paper project is 450tpd. Leizhan manufactures pulp and corrugated paper making machine, and supplies the fluting paper recycling machine to Zhengyi Paper Mill.

Delivery Of Corrugated Paper Making Machine

Leizhan delivered some corrugated carton paper recycling machine to Zhengyi, on 29th, 8, 2017. The paper corrugating machines delivered this time are mainly BFW1800 Chain Conveyor, parts of Drum Pulper and so on.

3200mm Corrugated Paper Machine

  • Trimmed Width: 3200mm
  • Basis Weight Range: 70~150GSM
  • Capacity: 150tpd
  • Design Speed: 400m/min
  • Working Speed: 350m/min
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