150TPD Corrugated Paper Production Project

150TPD Corrugated Paper Production Project

150T/D Corrugated Paper Board Making Project

Jiangxi Chongren Jinan New Materials Packaging Co.Ltd. manufactures packaging paper, and orders the 150t/d corrugated paper production line from Leizhan.

Corrugated Paper Recycling Machine

On 18, Dec, 2017, Leizhan delivered the fluting paper making machine to Jinan Paper Mill. The corrugated carton paper making machine delivered are mainly D Type Pulper, High Density Cleaner, M.C. Coarse Screen, fiber fractionating screen, m.c. fine screen, apple screen, reject separator, low density cleaner and pulp pumps.

Related Packaging Paper Production Line Case

Leizhan manufactures corrugated carton paper making equipment, in addition to this project, Leizhan also has many wrapping paper making line, like 200TPD Packaging Paper Making Line for Jiangxi Chongren New Material Packaging Company.

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