200 Thousand Tons Of Packaging Paper Production Line

200 Thousand Tons Of Packaging Paper Production Line

Leizhan Packaging Paper Making Project

Leizhan manufactures pulp and paper machine for over 38 years, and has supplied many packaging paper making line for customers, such as the 150 Thousand Tons Of Corrugated Paper Pulping Machine for Shanxi Changzhi Huanan Paper Packaging Co., Ltd. , the 80TPD Iran Wrapping Paper Making Line, and 150TPD Packaging Paper Making Line for Egypt Elmasrya Paper Mill and many other cases.

Take the 200 Thousand Tons Of Packaging Paper Making Line for example.

Drum Pulping System

First of all, Leizhan adoptes the energy saving and efficient drum pulping system. Mild pulping is used to reduce the cutting effect of the crushing section on the two recycled fibers. Moreover,the drum screen pulper does not destroy the physical size of impurities, and makes preliminary screening in the pulp section, and releases light impurities from the slurry to reduce the load of the later screening process and improve the screening effect. A drum pulper system with stable and free-maintenance BFW chain conveyor can realize the automatic control of crushing, ensuring the consistency of pulp and the stability of output.

Pulp Screening Machine Pressure Screen

Secondly, the coarse and fine screening of medium consistency pressure screen can adapt to higher concentration and reduce the white water used to dilute slurry. The optimized rotor makes the power of the pressure screen configuration lower, but also has higher efficiency.

Pulp Slag Remover

Finally, the high and low concentration slag remover and tailings treatment equipment, such as light impurity separator, slag separator and so on, are equipped with the best process configuration and manufacturing accuracy, which can guarantee the whole pulping line running high efficiency, and the final product quality is cleaner.

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