Problems And Treatment Of Paper Machine Headbox

Problems And Treatment Of The Headbox
Paper Machine Headbox is a very important part of the paper machine. It has great influence on the forming of paper and the strength of the paper. The main task of the headbox is the pulp, making the page no matter in the horizontal, or vertical and uniform quantitative. The headbox mainly consists of the feed pipe, multi tube, the dilution water system, the balance room, the turbulence generator, the floated sheet, the lip plate, the heat compensation system and so on.

Common Problems And Treatment Of The Paper Machine Headbox

  • Flow: because of the presence of foreign objects into the attenuating chamber, the import of the turbulence generator, and the deformation and scaling of the lip.
    When the cross flow is serious, it will lead to the production of translucency. The adjustment method is mainly 3 points:
    (1) the lip plate, increasing the concentration of the Internet,
    (2) to pull the dot forward, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the concentration of the feed pulp.
    (3) adjust the lip plate and adjust the ability to dilute water when adjusting.
  • Internal fouling: the water used is too hard, causing serious internal fouling, through the transformation of the internal spray water to the water to the condensate water.
  • Spray: when the cycle time of emergency parking or parking is too short, the slurry in the whole system is too much, and the output value of the pump is too fast when driving. In this case, the output value of the pump in the slurry tank is operated to the manual state, and the speed of the pump is slowly increased.

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