Waste Paper Drum Pulper Of Paper Recycling Machine

Waste paper drum pulper of paper recycling machine integrates the disintegration, rough selection and integration, and is used for continuously pulping various waste papers, and roughing and removing the pulverized pulp.
Waste paper drum pulper of paper recycling machine is divided into a feed hopper, a pre-soaking zone, a pulping zone and a screening zone. The waste paper raw material is sent to the feed hopper by the chain conveyor, and then enters the pre-soaking zone, waste paper through soaked enters the pulping zone and is gently pulped at a concentration of 14%-20%. A flushing water pipe is installed above the screening zone, and the pulp concentration is reduced to about 3%-4%, and the accept pulp flowed the screening hole to the slurry pool.

Features Of Waste Paper Drum Pulper Of Paper Recycling Machine

1. Energy conservation
The waste paper is pulped under the condition of 15-20% high concentration, which reduces the amount of water used for pulping and reduces the energy consumption. Continuous pulping and slagging reduce the energy consumption of auxiliary equipment and subsequent equipment.
2. Improve the quality of the accept
Gentle pulping does not destroy the strength and length of the fiber, and ensures that the light impurities and some heavy impurities are not pulped, thereby ensuring the cleanliness and quality of the pulp.
3. Low equipment maintenance cost, save labor
Drum pulper combines high concentration pulping and coarse screening, and has a simple structure, durability, and extremely low maintenance, and reduces waste paper selection labor, thereby saving expenses.

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