Vertical Hydrapulper Of Pulper Equipment

Vertical hydrapulper of pulper equipment is used for broken paper, and suitable for small production. The raw material is suitable for wood pulp.
Through dissociating, vertical hydrapulper can maximum make the paper’s fiber dissociating into fiber bundles or single fibers, while at the same time, it can maximize maintain impurity’s shape and strength.
Vertical Hydrapulper consists of tank, pulper rotor, landing leg, driving device and motor,etc. The rotor is a key component of the hydraulic pulper. Its shape and structural size have a great influence on the efficiency and energy consumption of the hydraulic pulper.

The Advantages Of Vertical Hydrapulper Of Pulper Equipment

1. Vertical hydrapulper of pulper equipment can promptly crush wastepaper, deinking on the condition of high consistency.
2. Large capacity, low power consumption, and saving vapour medication
3. Easy to maintain, long service life
4. Low noise, the vibration is not strong, and stable operation

Technical Parameters Of Vertical Hydrapulper Of Pulper Equipment

Volume(m2): 5-30
ONP Φ6-Φ10: 25-150
COCO Φ10-Φ16: 35170
AOCC Φ6-Φ10: 15-100
AOCC Φ10-Φ16: 25-130
Chemical wood pulp: Batch: 13-100
Motor Power(Kw): 55-250

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