Rewinder Machine For Paper Making

Rewinder machine for paper making winds up the roll paper from reeling machine to a paper roll and cuts it into a roll paper that the customer needs.

Technical Parameter Of Rewinder Machine For Paper Making

Trimmed Width(mm): 1575-6000
Base Weight: 100-500g/m²
Balance Speed: 500m/min
Working Speed: 350m/min
Max Working Speed(m/min): 1500
Diameter of the Support Roll: φ500mm
Maximum Finished Paper Roll Diameter: φ1800mm
Motor: 18.5KW

Working Principle Of Rewinder Machine For Paper Making

Remove the paper rolls from the reeling machine and put it on the unreeling stand.
Optical-electricity encoder control the system constant tension by using tension sensor and it can stop quickly when paper breaks.
The paper web draw forth along the paper guiding roll. By using curved roll, the paper enter the slitter equipment. After tension sense roll, another curved roll, the paper wind on the paper roll holder. The paper roll holder depend on the drive of supporting roll and turn around. Then drive the whole paper web go forward.

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