Production Process of Gray Board Paper

Gray board paper is a kind of cardboard made of recycled waste paper, which is an environmentally friendly packaging material.

production process of gray board paper

The raw materials should be boiled into pulp first, or the wood segments should be sent to the wood grinder to be ground into pulp.

Then the paper pulp is washed with a large amount of clear water, and the thick flakes, knots, stones and sand in the pulp are removed by screening and purification.

According to the requirements of the paper type, bleach the pulp to the required whiteness with bleaching agent,
Then use beating equipment for beating.

Then add fillers, sizing materials, sizing agents and other auxiliary materials to improve paper performance in the pulp, and then purify and screen again.

After the grayboard paper machine pulp is produced, it is sent to the paper machine for water filtration, dehydration by pressing, drying in the drying cylinder, calendering and coiling.

And slitting, rewinding or cutting to produce roll paper and flat paper, if it is dried and processed, it will be completed.

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