Paper Mill 250T/D Kraft Paper Machine

In addition to ensuring the large-scale production of paper mills, the kraft paper machine provided by Leizhan is also equipped with the latest technological advancements and integrates automation and precision control systems. The paper machine not only improves the production efficiency of the paper mill, but also helps maintain stable paper quality.

Data Parameters of the Kraft Paper Machine

Quantitative: 120-280 g/m2
Production capacity: 250t/d
Net paper width: 3600mm
Roll paper width: 3650mm
Wire width: 4000mm
Working speed: 330m/min
Design speed: 360m/min
Transmission speed: 360m/min
Dynamic balancing speed: 500m/min

Choosing the right paper making machine can bring huge benefits to the paper mill. Leizhan can provide paper making and pulping machines of various production scales for paper mills. Welcome to contact me for details. Email address:

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