Large Scale Cardboard Paper Machine for Sale

The cardboard paper machine designed by Leizhan can not only meet the large production volume needs of paper mills, but also improve the quality of paper mill products. The cardboard produced by this cardboard paper machine has the advantages of smooth finish and uniform thickness, making it an ideal choice for paper mills.

Design Parameters of the Cardboard Paper Machine

Net paper width: 4400mm
Gram weight: 80-150gsm
Working speed: 400-450m/min
Design speed: 460m/min
Production capacity: 280tpd
Gauge: 5400mm
Wire width: 4750mm
Transmission mode: AC AC variable frequency drive

Leizhan can provide various types of paper machines for paper mills, and can also customize suitable pulp and paper machines for customers according to their specific needs. Welcome to contact me for details. Email address:

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