Large Production Capacity Corrugated Paper Machine

This corrugated paper machine is famous for its efficient production capacity of 500t/d. The high production efficiency of this corrugated paper machine can not only meet the needs of paper mills for large-scale production of corrugated paper, but also ensure the stability of the quality of finished paper and improve the efficiency of paper mills.

Design Parameters of the Corrugated Paper Machine

Quantitative quantity: 80~120 g/m2
Net paper width: 5000mm
Roll paper width: 5100mm
Working speed: 700-800m/min
Design speed: 800m/min (50HZ)
Production  capacity: 500t/d
Gauge: 6200mm
Length*width*height: 160500*15000*15000mm
Transmission mode: full digital AC variable frequency segmental transmission

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