Large Output Corrugated Paper Machine

The corrugated paper machine provided by Leizhan adopts advanced paper making technology and can produce corrugated paper with excellent strength and pressure resistance, which is suitable for various packaging paper needs. The corrugated paper machine is equipped with an advanced automated control system that can improve production stability and product quality.

Design Data of the Corrugated Paper Machine

Quantity: 90~150 g/m2
Basis weight: 105 g/m2
Net paper width: 4400mm
Wire width: 5000mm
Working speed: 400m/min
Design speed: 450m/min (50HZ)
Dynamic balancing speed: 550m/min
Production capacity: 200 -240t/d
Gauge: 5800mm

Leizhan’s pulp and paper machines are welcomed by many paper mills around the world, and Leizhan also looks forward to customizing suitable pulp and paper machines for more paper mills. Welcome to contact me for details. Email:

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