Kraft Paper Machine in Paper Production Line

This kraft paper machine adopts an automated control system, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and output of the paper mill. At the same time, the maintenance cost of the kraft paper machine is relatively low, and it has a long service life and stability.

Main Reference Information for this Kraft Paper Machine

Net width: 3600mm
Weight: 90-150gsm
Working speed: 180-350m/min
Design speed: 380m/min
Production capacity: 150tpd
Track gauge: 4750mm
Transmission mode: AC AC variable frequency drive
Size: 90*12*8
Layout: 1 floor
Long wire: 21m

This kraft paper machine is a large-scale paper machine designed by Leizhan’s professional engineers for paper mills according to customer needs. Welcome to contact me for more information about paper mill machines. Email address:

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