Kraft Liner Board Paper Making Machine

Kraft Liner Board Paper Making Process

Pulping(drum pulper, D type hydrapulper, etc.)
Cleaning(high densiyt cleaner and low density cleaner)
Screening(mid consistency pressure screen, inflow pressure screen, vibrating screen, etc.)
Refining and deflaking( double disc refiner, claflin refiner, etc.)
Separating(single effect fiber separator, single fiber separator, etc.)
Other Equipment

Main Data Of Kraft Liner Board Paper Making Machine

Paper Grade: Kraft Liner, Testliner, Corrugated Board Paper
Trimmed Width: 1880-5800mm
Basis Weight Range: 80-200GSM
Design Basis Weight: 125GSM
Production Capacity: 100-900T/D
Working Speed: 150-800m/min
Design Speed: 250-1000m/min

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