How to Wash The Paper Machine Felt

In the production process, the paper material has the fine fibers, fillers, rubber materials, color materials and the impurities of the production water, etc. Its easily adhere to the felt, block the pores of the felt, and affect the absorption and drainage of the felt. Therefore, the washing of the felt is one of the key issues to ensure good dewatering performance of the press section and prolong the service life of the felt.
According to the survey, more than 90% of the felt is not due to wear but is blocked, the key to using the felt is washing.

The method of the felt washing has two types of continuous washing and shutdown washing in normal production.
1. Water needle spray washing: water pressure in 1.47 ~ 2.45 × 106 Pa, its advantage is less water, the using of water needle forced impact can use less chemical cleaning agent. The disadvantage is that the damage to the felt is large.
The washing surface is a felt sticker page, and the washing water temperature stack is about 50 °C to remove scale, which can be determined according to the actual production situation.

2. Intermittent chemical washing on the machine: intermittent washing can be done with detergent, hydrochloric acid or lye. They can be prepared at a suitable concentration and can be moved to the full-width felt. After using the chemical concentrate in the specified time, flush the chemicals remaining in the felt with clean water.

3. Continuous washing on the machine: The felt can be kept in the final state at all times to achieve the highest copying efficiency. Continuous cleaning on the machine is the best method.
The concentration of the cleaning agent for continuous cleaning is generally 0.01 to 0.06%. The cost of continuous cleaning agent is high, but the advantage is that can prolong the life of the felt, and often make the felt in the best condition, which is beneficial to reduce consumption, reduce breakage and improve the quality of the paper.

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