High Quality Corrugated Paper Machine for Paper Mill

This corrugated paper machine can reduce energy consumption and scrap rate by optimizing the equipment structure and process flow, improve the stability and reliability of the production line, and thereby improve production efficiency. This corrugated paper machine has strict product quality control during the production process to ensure that it produces corrugated paper that meets customer needs.

Data Parameters of the Corrugated Paper Machine

Quantitative: 90~150 g/m2 (assessment quantitative: 105g/m2)
Basis weight: 105 g/m2
Net paper width: 4800mm
Wire width: 5400mm
Working speed: 500m/min
Design speed: 550m/min (50HZ)
Dynamic balancing speed: 650m/min
Production capacity: 300t/d
Gauge: 6200mm
Installed capacity: 2086KW (subject to final design)
Transmission mode: full digital AC variable frequency segmental transmission

Leizhan’s pulping and paper making machines are welcomed by paper mills around the world. Leizhan looks forward to providing pulping and paper making machines to more papermaking mills. Welcome to contact me for details. Email: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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