Drying Cylinder For Paper Making Machine

Drying cylinder for paper making machine is made of cast iron, which has two ends of a hollow cylinder. It is made up of cylinder block and cylinder head at both ends. The outer diameter is mostly 1000 to 3000mm.

In order to increase the smoothness of the paper, the outer surface of the drying cylinder polished inner surface turning light, keep the cylinder wall thickness is consistent. In order to ensure safety, balance and heat evenly throughout the dryer. Drying cylinder is used to dry the paper sheets in the water, surface finishing.

Features Of Drying Cylinder For Paper Making Machine

1. Increase the area and the rate of water filtration, increase production.
2. Improve the quality of paper, including the degree of uniformity, weight, aspect ratio.
3. To strengthen the integrity of the equipment and anti-corrosion performance, durable.
4. Three has been developed and produced with a wear film, around the chip and the of oblique chip network.

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