Corrugated Paper Machine Suitable for large Scale Production

This corrugated paper machine can use advanced production technology and quality control systems to produce high-strength, high-stability corrugated paper suitable for various packaging paper needs. At the same time, the corrugated paper machine also adopts an energy-saving design, which can reduce energy consumption and reduce the production cost of the paper mill.

Design Parameters of the Corrugated Paper Machine

Quantitative quantity: 90~180 g/m2
Production capacity: 500t/d (assessment quantitative 125g/m2, 530m/min)
Net paper width: 5600mm
Roll paper width: 5660mm
Wire width: 6200mm
Working speed: 550m/min (50HZ)
Design speed: 600m/min
Dynamic balancing speed: 750m/min
Center distance: 7100 mm (each part is determined according to the design)

Leizhan’s pulping and paper making machines have been well received by many paper mills around the world. Leizhan looks forward to providing high-quality pulping and paper making machines to more paper mills. Feel free to contact me for details. Email:

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