Commonly Used Coating Board Paper Machine in Paper Mill

This coating board paper machine uses advanced technology and equipment to ensure high-quality coating board paper at the production site. At the same time, the coating board paper machine can design appropriate parameters for customers according to their needs. The following is some information about this coating board machine for reference only.

Details of this Coating Board Paper Machine

Type of paper making: White board coating paper
Net paper width: 2800mm
Roll paper width: 2940mm
Headbox lip width: 3200mm
Paper making quantity: 250-500g/m2
Working speed:130m/min [MIN)- -200 m/min [MAX]
Design speed: 250m/min
Nominal output: 210t/d
Dynamic balancing speed: 350m/min
Crawling speed: 25 m/min
Gauge: 3800mm
Transmission form: divided transmission, AC motor, frequency conversion control
Layout: – Floor layout

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