Advanced Corrugated Paper Machine for Sale in Paper Mill

The high strength corrugated paper machine provided by Leizhan for paper mills can produce high quality corrugated paper with excellent strength and durability. This high quality corrugated paper not only provides reliable packaging protection, but also enhances brand image.

main Technical Parameter of Corrugated Paper Machine

Raw material: waste paper
Paper weight: 80-350g/m2;
Net paper width: 2400mm
Width: 2850mm
Production capacity: 40-55T/D;
Gauge: 3200mm;
Transmission mode: AC frequency conversion speed regulation, step-by-step transmission;

The high strength corrugated machines provided by Leizhan are ideal choices for paper mills. Leizhan’s high-strength corrugated paper machine adopts the latest technology and innovative design, which can meet various packaging needs and is fast, efficient and stable. Welcome to contact me for price. Email address:

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