80 Tons of Waste Paper Recycling Production Line

This waste paper recycling production line is a high quality kraft pulping production line launched by our company. The machines used in this waste paper recycling production line are the most advanced and practical paper making machines at present.

Pulping Machine of This waste paper recycling Production Line

Chain Conveyor: working width: B=1400mm, total length 25m.
D Type hydrapulper: production 140-180t/d production capacity
High density Cleaner: 3000-4500l/min thoughput
Midlle Consistency Coarse Screen: 0.9㎡ screen area
Reject Separator: 30-60t/d production capacity
Middle Density Cleaner: 4500-5800l/min thoughput
Middle Consistency Fine Screen: 2.5~2.8% consistency
Double Disc Refiner: 450mm diameter of plate

Leizhan can provide waste paper recycling production lines of various outputs for paper mills, if you need waste paper recycling machines, welcome to contact us for details. Email address: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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