60T/18H Corrugated Paper Machine Pulping Production Line Project

This corrugated paper pulping production line project is pulping production plan formulated by Leizhan for customers based on their requirements for output and budget. This corrugated paper production uses LOCC as raw material, and its production capacity is 60T/18H.

Main Pulping Machine of this Corrugated Paper Pulping Production Line

D Type Hydrapulper: Nominal volume:10m3
High density cleaner: Pressure difference: 200KPa
Mid consistency pressure screen: Screen basket hole size: 2.2mm
Reject separator: screen plate hole size:5mm
1st stage Low density cleaner: Flow rate: 400L/min
Mid consistency fine pressure screen: Screen basket hole size: 0.25mm
Inflow pressure screen: Screen basket slot:0.35mm

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