3300mm Packaging Paper Machine Project

The packaging paper machine is a 3300mm three layer wire multi-cylinder paper machine, which mainly produces 115-300g/m2 high strength corrugated paper, liner paper and T paper. The layout of the packaging paper machine is a single-layer layout, and the arrangement is left hand machine.

Performance Requirements of This Packaging Paper Machine

1.Dehydration element in the wire part: the panel is all ceramics (99% Al2O3 is required for ceramics), the substrate is glass fiber reinforced plastics; the box body is welded with stainless steel and undergoes special heat treatment.
2.The bearing adopts ZWZ bearing.
3.Roll calibration balance: G2.5 level
4.Dryer cylinder calibration balance: G4 level
5.Winding roll calibration dynamic balance: G1.6 level

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