150T/D High Strength Corrugated Paper Machine

This corrugated paper machine is a 3600mm fourdrinier multi-cylinder paper machine, mainly used to produce 80-200g/m2 high-strength corrugated paper. The net paper width of this corrugated paper machine is 3600mm. The data of 50T/D high-strength corrugated paper machine is as follows.

Data of 150T/D High Strength Corrugated Paper Machine

Basis weight: 80-200g/m2
Net paper width: 3600mm
Production capacity: 150t/d
Working speed: 200-300m/min
Design speed: 350m/min
Crawling speed: 25m/min
wire width: 4100mm
Gauge: 4800mm
Transmission mode: AC motor frequency conversion speed regulation division drive
Arrangement form: Right hand machine

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