10-100TPD Customizable Tube Paper Machine

The specific parameters of the tube paper machine can be customized according to the customer’s requirements for paper specifications, production capacity, production speed, etc. to ensure that products that meet customer needs can be produced. The tube paper machine is easy to operate and maintain, which can reduce labor costs and production downtime.

Data Information of the Tube Paper Machine

Quantitative range: 70-400g/m2
Net paper width: 1575-3800mm
Daily output: 10-100t/d
Working speed: 80-400m/min
Design speed: 450m/min
Pressurization method: pneumatic pressurization
Gauge: 2400-4900mm
Transmission mode: AC frequency conversion speed regulation, divisional transmission

Leizhan can also customize various paper machines such as kraft paper machines, corrugated paper machines, toilet paper machines, etc. for paper mills. Please email me your requirements for the paper machines you need. Email: paperrecyclemachine@gmail.com

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