Pulp Making Equipment For Kraft Paper Machine

The raw materials are LOCC, wood pulp, etc.

Pulper For Kraft Paper Machine

Pulper mainly used for pulping and screening impurities of waste paper.
Drum Pulper
D Type Hydrapulper
H.C. Hydrapulper
M.C. Hydrapulper
Vertical Hydrapulper

Cleaner For Kraft Paper Machine

Cleaner mainly applied to remove heavy impurities in paper pulp.
High Density Cleaner
Low Density Cleaner

Screen For Kraft Paper Machine

Screen mainly used for coarse and fine screening of various waster paper pulp.
M.C. Pressure Screen
Inflow Pressure Screen
Impurity Separator
Reject Separator

Because the quality of the LOCC is very short, pressure screen used to separate the impurities from the fibers, which protects the fibers and reduces energy consumption.
Using the refining machine to cut the fiber again, while also cutting off the light impurities in the slurry, it is difficult to take it out of the slurry.
At the same production rate, the pressue screen is more efficient than the fiber separator, and the motor is smaller.

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