Paper Pulping Machine Chain Conveyor

Paper pulping machine chain conveyor is mainly used in paper industry for conveying varies of scattered and bundled waste paper.
Paper pulping machine chain conveyor has good performance with advantage of reasonable structure, large transmission capacity, lower power consumption. It adopts chain to drive through plate to transport raw material. It is the best choice of waste paper and pulp plate conveying equipment.

Advantages Of Paper Pulping Machine Chain Conveyor

1. The groove plate is stamped and formed at one time with high strength and impact resistance.
2. Conveyor chain plate adopts a closed design to prevent leakage.
3. Double-row roller traction chain, hollow roller shaft.
4. Two rows of chains are connected by a long shaft to prevent the chain plates from running off.
5. The baffle plate is V-shaped design to improve the material throughput.
6. Orbital operation, stable walking, reliable, low friction, low power consumption.

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